Meet The Owner

Sheila M. Dragon is the President and CEO of Dragon Design, LLC. She feels she can’t take all the credit as the founder, though.  It was the constant coercion of family, friends and former employers that finally led her down the path of starting her own Design and Home Staging business, in 2005.  This service oriented business also now offers Move Management and Document Organization Workshops as well.  Sheila has always enjoyed helping people and thoroughly enjoys coordinating projects for people that need help selling their home, decorating, moving or all of the above!

As a former employee of Ethan Allen, Inc., her manager and mentor was one of her largest supporters. Her time with Ethan Allen, Inc., aided in providing the additional training and support needed to further her talent.

Sheila has had a long standing cardiovascular sales career as well, which gave her the business acumen and discipline to support that internal desire to one day have her own business.  She understands how stress can affect the body and your heart.

Between her time as an educator, designer, sales representative and student who also obtained her MBA, she finally decided to branch out into the entrepreneurial arena. She would like to thank all those supportive family members and friends and team members for their time, help and encouragement!

Sheila Dragon began Dragon Design, LLC because she wants to help people achieve the look they love for their home! Since its inception, Dragon Design has evolved into a Company that can help you make your house a home during your stay there (Design Services Link), help you prepare your home for sale when it’s time to leave (Home Staging Services Link) and allow you to seamlessly transition (Move Management Services Link) into your new space and make it feel like home again!

Collectively, she and her team of contractors can get the job done professionally and in a timely manner. Her team consists of professionals with design backgrounds, stay-at-home Moms and retirees (many of whom are downsizing themselves!) Our team knows, and can appreciate how to value other’s belongings.

My Pledge to You

It is my hope that I can take my 16 years of education, business and design related experiences and support you as you embark on decorating, selling or transitioning from your existing home.

As a designer, I pledge to you the goal of maintaining your budget and finding good, economical solutions for your home. This includes passing on possible discounts to you, which are made available to me as a designer.

As an Accredited Home Staging Professional (ASP), my mission is to help you sell your home quickly and for top dollar! We will work together quickly to accomplish this goal. I will educate you, and always tell the truth no matter how difficult that may be, while respecting your home and your personal belongings.

As a Certified Relocation & Transition Specialist (CRTS), my mission is you help you transition from one home to another, safely, as quickly as you need and as economically as possible. This includes getting your home prepared for sale simultaneously, if necessary.

As an educator and someone who understands how important it is have life in order in case of any emergency, my mission is to help you give the gift of organization to yourself and your family by coordinating workshops that will keep you on track with one of those things you “always put on the back burner” until it is too late.  Our My D.N.A Workshops are well worth the investment of time and I believe you will be thoroughly pleased with the outcome.

Please contact us today to schedule a consultation at 610-299-1328 or e-mail us at