The History of My D.N.A. Docs

After five years of working with clients to help get them organized as we would stage their house and prepare them to move, we realized that people don’t fully have their paper life organized!  They think they do, but when we start to ask important questions like:

“Where are your important paper documents?  We want to make sure they are all together, because you do not want the movers handling your personal affects”.

We would get answers like:

“Gee, I didn’t think about that.  I just thought they would move everything in my file cabinets and drawers, without having to pack them.  Well, I have my passport in my dresser drawer, my Social Security Card in my night stand and all my other stuff is in various file cabinets or boxes”.

It was taking clients forever to find all their stuff.  And, when we are packing them up and organizing them in the process, time is money!   We found these similar situations popping up OVER AND OVER again!

Back in February, 2010.  Our Company attended and spoke at an International Move Management Convention, in Las Vegas, NV.  We attended a session about how to create your own workshop to help people organize your paper life.  A HUGE light bulb went on for Dragon Design, LLC!  Once we got back to West Chester, PA., we quickly got to work developing our concept!  In less than four months, we are happy to launch this new division!!

The result of our effort(s) is a new Company called My D.N.A. Docs!  It is a Division of Dragon Design, LLC.  We are so excited to not only help people with their Design, Staging and Move Management needs, but to also help people feel fully organize for life’s unexpected events and issues…

Thankfully, we have experienced team members, with formal degrees in Education, Guidance and Counseling and some with a background in law enforcement, to make sure you are protected in every way from the emotion side of things to identity theft.  A few of our Senior staff members have also been through the process of probating a will, settling an estate and coordinating the entire funeral process for a loved one who passed away (either a parent or a spouse).  Most of our Senior staff members are retired and are ready to give back to the community, pass their knowledge and wisdom along and help YOU get more ORGANIZED so you don’t make the same possible mistakes!  During tough times, you are often not thinking clearly, have a huge amount of stress to deal with and could end up making costly errors as a result.  We don’t want to see that happen to anyone!

How Do I Schedule a Workshop!

If you are interested in scheduling a workshop, please (contact us).

Before any workshop is scheduled, we will come out and do a FREE SEMINAR to explain more details about the benefits of the workshop, the pricing structure and work with your schedule to coordinate some dates for the actual workshop.

Home Parties:

Gather your friends, relatives and neighbors and host a workshop at your house!  The perfect size we recommend is between 6-10 people.

What’s the benefit to hosting a Home Party?

  • Only pay for your materials!
  • It’s in the comfort of your own home.
  • Homework is easy to complete.  You have all your important items at your finger tips.

Community Parties:

If you live in a 55+ Community, Apartment or Retirement Community, we would love to work with your Activities Director!

  • Schedule a FREE SEMINAR
  • Coordinate Times for Workshops Conducive for your Residents/Members