Testimonial 10

My home on Aloha Lane in Gladwyne was on the market for 8 months, completely empty after we moved out.  Having not received any offers during that time, our realtor recommended that we stage the house, and referred us to Dragon Design, LLC.  Within 2-3 months of having our home staged by Dragon Design, the house was sold!

I had lived in this home for over 10 years and loved the property.   I was certain that the house would sell quickly.  The house was in a great location with lots of amenities.  Unfortunately, it seems that with the house empty, potential buyers were unable to see possibilities.  No imagination.

By having the home staged, Dragon Design, LLC provided buyers with the vision of the potential of the house.  I am certain that would we have left the house un-staged, the property might still be on the market.  While I was skeptical at first, I can attest that it was well worth the expense.

Thank you